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It is hard to put into words what Adriana means to me. Adriana had always been my favourite celeb, while I had a crush on every lady on tv in my teenage years this one never faded. While initially like every man, I liked her physical features, everything else about Adriana grew on me, from her attitude, intelligence and her energy.  Adriana was a timeless beauty and had always taken my breath away, she looked stunning from the time she burst onto the scene to her last photo shoot just before she passed away. If I was to mould a perfect human - Adriana would have been my template, she was a beautiful person with a gentle soul and lovely heart. This is the story of my Adriana obsession..... 


From 1993, (at the age of 15), I was so blown away by her beauty I began to collect pics and magazine articles of Adriana, I also recorded numerous episodes of wheel of fortune (unfortunately all lost on video). My bedroom wall was plastered with Adriana pics, I had small pics of her in my wallet and larger pics in my school folders. Adriana was my dream women, I would often daydream at school, fantasizing meeting her in all different places. I knew every inch and crevice of Adriana, from all the pics I studied - if only I had studied that hard on the subjects at school! For me, the girls my age simply could not match the pure beauty, elegance and sophistication of Adriana.


My interest in Adriana grew exponentially from 1993, every year she was just getting more beautiful. I remember the disappointment when she missed a few episodes of wheel due to health reasons but yet loved to see her return looking more beautiful as ever. However, it wasnt till Adriana left wheel of fortune in 1999, I realised how much I missed not being able to see her daily, for me she was the most beautiful lady on the planet and I missed rushing home and the anticipation of seeing her sauntering across the set in another amazing outfit. I began following Adriana more closely once she left wheel, and made sure I recorded every appearance on tv and read every article on her. I was thrilled to see her make a comeback in 2002 on celebrity big brother and Burgos catchphrase and I made sure I watched every minute of it. I had moved out of home and was working but my room was still an Adriana shrine.


My room mates thought it was a little strange when I got the pic above of a 46 year old Adriana blown up and framed.  

Then I remember how devastated I was to hear about how she had fallen on hard times with all her health issues. Seeing Adriana bloated and suffering but still positive and bubbly, made me love and adore her even more. At this point, I wanted to reach out to Adriana in some way, so I put together this website, a shrine to the goddess, in hope that Adriana would see that the public had not forgotten her and we still did love and adore her. I gathered all the pics and screenshots I had of Adriana and shared them with all her fans, in which we were able to all come together and talk about the memories, the outfits and the beauty that made the goddess one of a kind. I was very happy when through her agent, Adriana graciously acknowledged and thanked me for putting the website together.


 When Adriana passed away, I was in total disbelief and heartbroken. I had just put up some of the most beautiful pics of the lady and for the first time felt I had to write her a letter to congratulate her on how stunning she looked. I never contacted Adriana directly as she seemed so perfect, beautiful and almost mythical, I thought I was not worthy of her time. Finally though, after seeing her last photoshoot (one of the ones below), I was weak at the knees, I could not handle it any longer - she was just so damn beautiful, I knew had to write her a letter. I plucked the courage, but it was too late Adriana had gone. I could not believe how a death of someone I never met, would affect me. Again this awoke how I felt about her even further, how much Adriana infiltrated my life and how I would miss not being able to see a new set of pics or stories on her. The real devastation for me, was that my dream for 20 years of meeting/chatting with Adriana was now never going to happen. I would of cherished every second I was in her company, no matter how brief. I was upset I hadn't sent the letter years ago and I was even dark on myself in that she could of used some financial assistance to seek better medical help. I realised then I would of done anything for Adriana.




Now I wanted to honour her life, so she would never be forgotten. I started collecting as much memorabilia and doing researching on her life story. I did this part time, however it started taking over other areas of my life, the more I collected and found out about the person Adriana, the more I fell in love. It had turned my life upside down, my productivity at work dropped and I started to argue more with my partner. I realised it was now an obsession I had to get under control. I tried in vane to stop 'studying' Adriana for a month, but it was impossible, it only reinforced my love and adoration for her. After so long trying to fight this Adriana obsession for over 20 years, I decided preserving Adriana's memory was my calling. I made the difficult decision to leave my long term partner, as I thought it was not fair on her. I could now do what I enjoyed without feeling guilty, and have a room full of Adriana memorabilia and framed photos (although this is now the whole house). I took long service to dedicate myself full time to Adriana's memory but once my leave was up, I was enjoying being fully engrossed with everything Adriana everyday, I decided to quit my job.


While all this sounds a bit crazy and I expected no one close to me to understand, all the decisions I have made have been on the back of 20 years of pent up pure unconditional love for the goddess  -Adriana. Besides not reaching out to Adriana while she was alive, the only regret is that I should of dedicated my life to Adriana's memory earlier, as well as started an official fan club while she was still around. As time passes and memories fade, one thing I can guarantee is that I will never forget Adriana and even though she is not around I still would do anything for her. Which for me is dedicating as much time as possible documenting and celebrating her life and helping out charities Adriana was passionate about. 


Anyway, thanks to those Adriana fans who have already contributed to this website. You have all helped preserve this goddesses life.







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