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This website is the ultimate Adriana Xenides website. Dedicated to the gorgeous Adriana Xenides,who graced Australian tv screens for over 3 decades. Adriana will be remembered as an extremely beautiful person both on the inside and outside. Adriana was a style icon, as she showed off glamorous outfits daily on our screens, one day wearing elegant long gowns, next she would sizzle on stage showing off those long famous legs in a short mini. Adriana had a beautiful personality, intelligence and heart to match. Its no wonder Adriana had a lengthy tv career.


The latter years we saw less of Adriana as her health deteriorated, but she still optimized the perfect lady. As she suffered, she helped many suffering the same illness as herself as well as working for charities and the elderly. Life was cruel to Adriana in many ways in these years but she always had time for others and had that lovely smile plastered on her face, that we all miss very much today. Adriana was definitely one of a kind and so admired. 


This website hopes to do Adriana's life justice and ensure she will be remembered by her fans for ever. RIP Adriana, a true Goddess.


Brief biography 

Adriana Xenides was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1956. Adriana was an only child with her father being Greek and Mother Spanish. The family left Buenos Aires for political reasons and settled in Adelaide, South Australia when Adriana was 8 years old.


Adriana matriculated at the age of 15 and received Honours in languages, becoming the top graduate in Spanish throughout Australia. She wanted to pursue a medical career, either in psychiatry or veterinary sciences, however her destiny was forever sealed by events of a very different nature.


Adriana's incredible beauty began to be noticed. By 17 Adriana had won Best Newcomer to the modelling world. In 1981 when she was 25, she was living in Melbourne and modelling for Vivien's, it was then that the Grundy Organisation approached her to audition for a new television game show 'Wheel of Fortune' in which she became a household name due to her grace, style and beauty.




Adriana is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest running game show host, having appeared as assistant host on Wheel of Fortune for 18 years. While Adriana still looked stunning she left the show amid rumours of bad health. Later television appearances were as a panelist on panel talk show Beauty and the Beast and the Australian version of Celebrity Big Brother Australia during 2002.

 In this period Adriana wrote her first book entitled "the Silver Dog and The Bear" based on true events of her life. She also illustrated this charming tale of spiritual growth and motivation. 


Adriana appeared on the Today Tonight program in July 2007 claiming to have a digestive disorder which bloats her abdomen to the size of a 9 month pregnant woman. Doctors were unsure about the prognosis for the disease which is thought to be genetic. 


Adriana health worsened in 2010, after suffering 5 heart attacks in the two years proceeding her death. On 7 June 2010 Adriana sadly passed away after she suffered a ruptured intestine. 


Rest in Peace Adriana, your life, beauty and style will never be forgotten by your fans, you will be loved forever.  



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